Sewing Club

I love sewing, so I thought it would be great to help kids learn to enjoy it, as well.
Here is the Pine Junior School Sewing Club 2002 and some of the things we did.
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showing projects in assembly

We started in January with around 22 students. Wow! 
As we could only meet at lunch time, I decided we would have 2 groups each day. It was sort of like sewing in shifts! We met on Monday and Thursday.
Eventually, some of the lads decided they would rather go out to play, but we still had around 15 at the end of July.

Among other things, we made a Pine Tree pin cushion from felt with our initials on it. Iron on appliqué. Blocks for a wall hanging that will go in the new library. And, using the sewing machine, the children made  either a fuzzy stuffed creature called a "Grillagrop" bird or a small handbag for wearing to the end of year disco. 

Our display

Monday- 1st groupMon1.jpg (58668 bytes) Thursday- 1st groupThurs1.jpg (56629 bytes)
Monday- 2nd groupMon2.jpg (58550 bytes) Thursday-2nd groupThurs2.jpg (55733 bytes)
We also did a demonstration at the Open Day in the Spring. We demonstrated the fabric paints we used for the appliqué. Some showed how they had made the pin cushions. And others offered a big tip for those interested... How to thread a needle easily!

We had to learn this, because Bracknell was all out of chenille needles when we started sewing! We were using variegated crochet thread to embroider our initials on the felt pin cushion. I soon learned how frequently 5 or 6 learners at a time needed to thread and rethread their needles!
Thanks to the topic being on one of my computer lists, I was able to tell them about this "trick".

planning the demo
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Open Day Sewing Enthusiasts


I'm looking forward to starting with a new group of children from year 6 in the Autumn!

Sewing Club tip
for threading thicker threads more easily-

 Take a piece of strong thread like quilting thread. Fold it over, and put the folded bit through the eye of your needle. This makes a loop on the other side. Leave it so the loop is on one side, and the rest of your piece of strong thread is on the other side.

Now, put the end of the thread you want to work with into the loop. (You must put at least an inch or so of it in the loop.) Pull the other ends of the strong thread as if you were pulling it out of the needle. It might take some tugging, but it will pull the proper thread through with it!!