Church Banners

Recently I was asked to make a church banner for a group that does not have their own meeting place. They wanted something that would help to focus their services and to make the room look more like a place of worship. As it was coming up to Christmas, I thought it would be useful not only to make something that could be used for regular services, but also for special services. So, the first side has a quote from the Psalms. The back can be used for either Christmas or Easter. It refers to God's gift of His Son, and also to Christ's gift of His life for us.

I had some "music" fabric that worked well for the centre of this side of the banner. The notes were enlarged from clip art. The words were done using printer transfer paper. At the top is a sleeve for a pole to go through. It is only attached on the top edge, as I wanted them to be able to use both sides.

For this side, I used some fabric that looked like wood, and straw. The cross has darker wood, and a bit of a fabric that looks like cobblestones. I did the words on this one first, and discovered it didn't really want such a hot iron... or for such length. The plastic on the transfer became discoloured. So, I carefully sewed round the shape, which made it look like the different colour was meant to be.
If you'd like to see them in place, follow this link.  


At sometime in the near future, I would like to make a few more banners for our own church, as we meet in a Community Centre, and the posters we had have become rather tatty!