Crazy Quilting Round Robins 

(scans of my work)

European RR with about 16 ladies across Europe

Theme: landscape or seascape
my pieced block

Daphne's beach with sea grass
Carol's underwater scene
Chris's field of sheep (tree not my work)
Ilona's sunset
Pia's fishies

wpe48.jpg (41317 bytes)Dee's treasure beach
Val's underwater
Paula's mountain.JPG (76818 bytes)Paula's mountain
Ani's sunrise.JPG (82835 bytes)Ani's sunrise
Ann's fan coral.JPG (98490 bytes)Ann's fan coralAnn's snorkler.JPG (68084 bytes)+ snorkler
Mavis bush-fence-field.JPG (46652 bytes)Mavis's field with bush and fence

UKRR with 3 other ladies in the UK
my work on Nancy'swpe3B.jpg (38008 bytes) going for the modern look
my work on Juliette'swpe39.jpg (29378 bytes) daisies,and nearby seam, dragonfly, and purple lace seam
my work on Helen'sHelen's block.JPG (1239164 bytes)circle flower garden, daisies, and lower left/upper right seam
wpe39.jpg (38959 bytes)my block when it returned home. I plan to do a bit more to it. I think it is really special!
Now the European ladies are doing a 2 colour RR.  Colours of the person's choice. They let us know what colours they want for embellishments.

These are scans of my work, centre motif, and most of the seams round the patch shown.
Val's  spiderval's spider.JPG (84723 bytes)
Ani's flowersani's flowers.JPG (108867 bytes)
Dee's splash dee's splash.JPG (64750 bytes)
Ilona's flower basket
Chris's beehive
Pia's butterfly
Ea's daisies and trim