Open Day 2001

Ancient Civilizations visit Year 4! 

5th March, 2001

A special Thank you to all the Year 4 models who have gone on to bigger and better things!

You acted your parts so well, we had to try again!! —–Mrs. Snowden



This is Paulus, who wears a purple cloak called a Lacerna. He and his family are allowed to wear purple because he a Senator. Purple is an expensive dye to make, as it is made of the fluid of a small creature found in the sea. However, many creatures are needed to dye one garment, as each animal only has one drop of the fluid.
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Justina is wearing a lovely silky Chiton in the Ionic Greek Style. Her purple Silk is very expensive, as it must be brought all the way from China. She can wear purple because her father is a Senator. Justina has a Palla or shawl to protect her from cool breezes.


Here is Marcus. He is a Roman citizen, as you can see from his Toga. All Roman citizens were required to wear the Toga. Today he is wearing his beige Tunic and his darkest Toga, as he is going to the funeral of his friend’s son, who died bravely as a Roman Legionary.

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His slave, Onesimus, follows him.
Onesimus is carrying the special oil Marcus will give to the priest at the Temple. Onesimus is only wearing a basic Tunic, which his Master has provided for him.



This gentleman is dressed in the latest style. Andronicus wears a fine cotton Dalmatic with gold stripes. We can tell he is rich and important because of the stripes sewn to his clothing. Also, the fine cotton gives us another clue, as cotton is harder to obtain in Rome, than linen or wool.
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Although Andronicus’ stripes show he is important, his sister, Euodius, wears a Dalmatic with stripes, because they are stylish and decorative. She also wears a sheer veil over her hair. Euodius is among the first ladies in Rome to wear the new fashionable Dalmatic.



And this is a  traveler, called Aquila. He has traveled to the country to visit his parents at their estate, where they grow olives. To keep warm, and shed most of the rain, Aquila is wearing a woollen Paenula, which is a cape with a hood.
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At the estate, Aquila’s mother, Tryphena, watched anxiously for his arrival, for she knows robbers could attack him along the way. We can tell Tryphena is a married lady, because she is wearing a white Stola over her Tunic. She also carries the Palla shawl.



Phebe , a Greek lady, wears a Doric Style Chiton. Please note the Apotygma, which is the over fold at the top of the Chiton. She carries her Himation shawl over her arms. She has asked us to notice how the Romans have copied some of their garments from the style, which originated with the Greeks.
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Helen is rich Greek lady wearing a Narrow Himation with a Greek Key Design, over her Chiton. She is a lady of business, and can afford fine expensive material and styles. She is in Rome to sell some of the goods she has brought with her from Greece.


Demetrius is from the Greek nation. He is wearing a basic Chiton. It is pulled up at the belt so he can work more easily. He is not a Roman citizen, but he is not a slave either. He is a Freeman. He has been working very hard to earn money so his family can eat. 


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