Other Projects

Here is a suede jacket I repaired for a client. The buttons were pulling through, ripping the fabric. SO, I reinforced the area under the buttons by sewing a leaf in that position. I used leather from the inside of the pocket.

THEN, I realized that when it was buttoned, you could only see the edges of the leaves!! So, I made a few more, and used some darker leather from my stash. Voila!! A designer jacket!

She was so chuffed, she gave me a big hug, and nearly cried. She is going to brag to her friend who had purchased the same jacket originally.

You can only just about see the leaves that are in the same colour of leather as the jacket.


Leaf details
Bridesmaid dress in cream cotton muslin, lined with cream poly-cotton. The sash was already made up, but I had to make a loop at the back to hold it up.
lillianhem.jpg (46688 bytes) Inside hem details during construction.
Here is a bridesmaid dress I made for a client. I used the Pattern Master Boutique Pattern Drafting Software from Wild Ginger.
After taking the measurements, I created a pattern. Then I made up a toile or sloper (in the blue fabric) to try the fit.

 After we got the fit right, I made up the dress in the fabric I had been sent. I made sure to starched it well, since it creased when you looked at it!!

This is a project I did for one of the teachers I know. She wanted a Wordbank wall hanging to use with infant school children. Each lighter strip of fabric is a series of pockets that will hold word cards that start with that letter. The "wordbanks" strip is open at both end, as well, in case she wants to put punctuation cards in there.

The background is free motion quilted round the pre printed shapes in the fabric.

I also made a few cushions like this one for her classroom. They are big enough for little ones to lean on.

wpe1D.jpg (24635 bytes)