Puppet Play

I have done several plays with the kids at our church. In order to get just the right characters, I have made the puppets. I really like doing it. It is fun to discover what character lurks in each puppet as I create it!!

A few other groups liked these so much, they asked me to make them for their puppet clubs!
 I have worked to develop a puppet that is not too heavy, as some of the children who were use were under the age of 10.

I have made puppets that look like modern people, or like Bible characters. I have done a Roman and an Egyptian, as well as the Hebrew type shown here. These adult puppets are the largest ones I do.

This is a selection of the boy puppets. 
As you can see, I do ethnic puppets, as well.


Here are the girl puppets. 
It is fun making the different hairstyles. 
Curly, long, plaits, etc.

I make a few unusual ones 
when needed for a particular play. 
Here we have David Livingston,
 a man from Papua New Guinea, 
and a one-horned cow.

These are what I call Container Heads. It was an idea I saw in a book. However, besides being very difficult, they are also VERY heavy. So, I stopped doing them.

However, these are also an example of something fun I do. We had a play that involved characters who were meant to be some of the people from our church. The 2 men, and the tall lady were made to look like them. The middle one looks quite like our youth leader!
I can make the soft ones represent someone else as well. In fact, the girl with the ginger hair and green/cream dress is somewhat a likeness of the girl who helped me in the club.

If you would be interested in some puppets for your group, you are welcome to contact me. 
Some of the puppets have gone to live in other countries, as well! 
But, don't forget, I live in England. So although I would be willing to ship puppets abroad, the shipping and handling will be more. 
Please consider, too, that the exchange rate may not be in your favour! 
Email: snsnowden@harmonyinformation.com
or write
Sandy Snowden
14 Lydney
Bracknell, Berks.
England  RG12 7LQ

For finger puppets and other puppets used as aids to learning, click here.

 By the way, I don't recommend them for kiddies for presents
as they are not totally indestructible! (What is?)
But, I have made them as leaving presents for some of the older members of our group.