Ancient Civilizations

These are some links to pages about Ancient Greek and Roman Costumes, if you are interested .

I have made some costumes using the info on these sites, for the children in the Year groups I work with. They dressed up in costumes for the parents at their Open Days.

Open Day 2001 photos.


p Celts

Open Day 2002 photos.

Romans Braun & Schneider's drawings of the ancients costumes. Meet the Greeks! Daily life in Ancient Greece. This page tells about what women wore in ancient Rome. check out this site for information about the cloth Ancient Romans wore. Clothing of the Ancient Greek Women.


I did an online Costume History Course in 2001. Here is a list of some links to jewelry from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome I was asked to find.

Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
An excellent place to see virtual views of archaeological sites and finds from ancient Britain.

Museum Surplus
A low cost resource for museums, galleries, and the general public to acquire high grade antiquities.

Tribal Eye
Purchase old beads jewelry and coins from ancient civilizations or modern copies of ancient rings, etc

Greek jewelry reflecting Greek heritage and culture, based on Minoan, Archaic and Byzantine designs.

Greek Jewelry
An album on the art of Greek jewelry as a manifestation of the course of Hellenic civilization over five thousand years.

Interested in the Medieval times? 

Click here to read a report I did for the Costume History class about the Ladies hats.