Crazy Quilting

I have recently discovered how wonderful crazy quilting can be. 
All the bits and pieces I have been collecting, all the techniques I enjoy, 
all the fabrics I love...
All coming together in one Artistic effort! 
I can spend ages at it and enjoy every minute.

If you are interested in finding out about crazy quilting you can check out these sites.

Crazy Quilt Central      Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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For Kathy: "Beauty for Ashes"

My first major project was a small wall hanging for my sister. She made me a CD of her singing songs with a sort of "God can help you in trials" theme. That made me think of purple/mauve for grief. Also, she likes blue, so I used blue mixed with mauves.
"Beauty for Ashes"

more detail0180.JPG (58516 bytes)

For a Wedding:

I enjoyed making that so much, I made a pair of wall hangings for some colleagues at work who were getting married.

This time I used a colour theme.

Cream and Silver   and   Cream and Gold

more detail here
silver.jpg (56879 bytes)           gold.jpg (52307 bytes)
cream and silver        cream and gold

Round Robin #22

I am participating in an Embellishment 
Round Robin with some ladies in America. 
Quite a few of them sent waistcoat fronts
to be done in CQ style. 

I will post photos of the work I added when 
they all get back to their owners. 
(Shh- it's a secret!)

Before this, most of them had done embellishing 
on a garment. I sent a jeans shirt. 
The theme is "Fun in the Sunflowers"
It should be interesting to see what comes back!!

What is a Round Robin?

It is when a group of people agree to work on each other's projects. 

Quite often you send a book with the project. This includes info about yourself, and info on what sorts of things you want and don't want done
on the project.

 As each one in the group receives the project, they write down what
they have done, and perhaps a bit about the technique. 
Then they send it on to the next person. There are "sane" quilting Round Robins as well as crazy quilting or embellishment ones.

margaret's red/white/and blueLynn's ladybirds
jan's blue+white

laura'statted scottish thistle


Diane's "manly" table runner
Lori's fancy block
Shirley's red/white + black

ami's coral reef
carol ann's autumn

And Now... the shirt...

yvonne's fancy

gail's applique christmas quilt block

Look on this page if you want to see some 
of my 
"crazy" crazy quilting!!