Hat brim: 3 in.
Crown: 3” deep, and 8 1/2” x 7 1/2”
Hat Ruffle: 2”



The hat is made of thick cardboard sewn together with thick white cord.. Two layers of black fabric. Hand sewn from several pieces, whipstiching to hold shape of hat. Bottom layer like gabardine, top layer shiny polyester, Net ruffle from net curtaining material It is a rolled tube, gathered with one line of thick white cotton in a herring bone pattern (causing the fabric to ruche); pinned at front and back with safety pin, Rose from red felt. 

Inside: Unfinished fabric edges and penciled reminder of hat direction.

Belt (34” x 2”) made of black velvet band with same yellow trim as costume, but applied to the top side, rather than the underneath of the band. It is threaded through a belt buckle (4 1/2” x 6”) made of a sort of plywood, painted with gold, and has two slits cut in centre.

Shoe buckles (2 1/2” x 3”) with black elastic threaded through, and keys (6 1/4” long) are both made of card painted gold or silver.

The Ruff has sixteen layers of thin cream silk, four inches wide, pleated and gathered, and sewn together. The story is that the ruff is made from the train of the great grandmother’s wedding dress. The edges of the layers are sewn with cream silk, so they may have actually been ruffles on the train originally. Twelve layers are sewn together with an aqua coloured cotton, and four more layers have been whipstitched on with white cotton, presumably by Mr. Woollet, who used a similar stitch for parts of the hat.
The Ruff (21” long) has two safety pins at the end to hold it together round the neck.

Views of the Ruff’s sixteen layers.

Detail of the Ruff’s pleated inside edge.

The tights are made of black cotton. They seem to be ready-made, as the seams are professionally finished. The crutch is reinforced. They are 56 inches long , and could be stretched further. The waist measurement is about 40 inches.     

The tights also have a white tie, like a shoelace running through the waistband, which used to be an elastic casing. There is a hole in the left toe, and other places in both feet have been mended, particularly near the heel. This is probably due to the fact that Mr. Woollett is quite tall, and the tights could only take so much stretch.