Soon, our costume became the delight of another generation of the Woollett family. This, not so public showing of our costume starred Jimís little girl, Pat, when she was about 3 years old. We are sure she and the costume had some delightful times together.


   Francis and Pat

The costume once again brought joy to a broader audience around 7 years later. This time Cousin Francis stars as the Beefeater. Francis holidayed with Uncle Jim and his family on Hayling Island. She and Pat entered a fancy dress competition at the holiday camp. As Pat says, ďIt was the first time we went to a holiday camp, so I donít know why we had the costume along. I donít think we would have known there was a competition.Ē

We regret to say we are unable to tell you the results of the contest.

The costume once again has been altered. This time the logo has been changed to reflect the current political situation, rather than a past one; E-II-R for Elizabeth the Second, Regina. Also, to be more in line with contemporary Beefeater costumes, the puffy medieval part of the sleeves have been removed. We are unable to be certain, but it seems a shirt from this era, (early 60ís), is worn instead of the ruff which featured earlier. For history and photos of the ďBeefeaterĒ or Yeoman Warder dress, follow this link.

Now we jump forward a few years to 1991. The costume may have lurked in a box, but here is someone who once again gave life to our old friend. Enter Matthew, the Grandson. The costume has once again been reunited with its original sleeves; the Ruff has made a return to the stage; and the Keys are well in hand.


Grandad, Matthew and Nicola

These two photos are on location at Grandadís home which was then in Crawley. Grandad Jim was still one for putting on a show. Our other budding actor is Granddaughter Nicola, with Spanish Matadorís costume made by none other than our guest costumer, Jim Woollett. Grandad himself puts in an appearance, but in disguise, or should I say, costume.

Our familiar costume has had another facelift, with the inclusion of a more modern E-II-R with accompanying crown logo.

To imply that our costume has survived the years without signs of its venerable age would be doing a disservice. If the reader is interested in detailed photographs of the construction and condition of Grandadís Beefeater Costume and accessories, follow the links below.  Or if interested in a museum categorisation and a pattern of the costume drafted on a software programme go to Technical Bits. If not, we appreciate your visiting our Guest Costume, and invite you to go to Home.