Technical Bits about the Beefeater Costume

Line Drawing


Categorization such as for museum use.

Men's garment

1.21 Coat, Jacket, Jerkin, shoulder closure; 1933, British, no label, theatrical costume with c.1957 accessories, red lightweight wool, blue applied bands with yellow trim, sleeve and paper logo alterations. Made by Gertrude (?), worn by Jim Woollett, and descendants, alterations by Jim Woollett.

Costume accessories

75.2 Belt; 1933, British, black velvet with light yellow cotton trim, Mock buckle—painted plywood, 1957 addition.

7.11 Hat; c.1957, British, black, 2 different layers black cloth covering hand sewn cardboard, white net ruffle, red felt rose.

7.4 Neckcloth, ruff; c.1957, British, Cream silk cloth from c. 1882, 16 pleated ruffle layers sewn together.

7.71 Stockings, tights; c.1950-7, black cotton, white shoelace drawstring.

9.52 Buckle, shoe buckle, (Mock); c.1957, Painted card, black elastic strap.


Pattern for costume drafted with Pattern Master Boutique programme.

Outer Sleeve    Skirt Back    Skirt Front

Inner Sleeve     Bodice back and front and facings                                   

I entered the measurements of the costume, created two styles of dress (for front and back), and got rid of the excess patterns. When making this up, you would also need ruffles at the wrist, and bands for trim. I would use this pattern if I needed more Beefeaters for a play. I would follow the current Yeoman Warder costume more closely for surface decorations.

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